Driven by Value, Enabled by Tech™

It’s not just words, it’s the way we operate.

We only offer services that deliver business value, by focusing on the user experience and metrics such as productivity and efficiency, carefully listen to what our customers want before we start looking at a solution. We help create and implement solutions to business issues by providing our services across a diverse range of technologies across the entire project lifecycle so that your project doesn’t just stop at hardware and cabling but provides real value to your business, staff, partners and customers. Explore some of our typical Solutions, Services and Technologies below. Our project approach and methodology can be found here.


Business outcomes we help you achieve
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Finding solutions to the everyday problems that impact your organisation’s productivity and efficiency are key in order to stay competitive, retain staff and can drastically improve your workplace and bottom line. You need an adviser with the correct vision, insight, knowledge and skills to make them a reality, without which your project will fall at the first hurdle and be just another grey box in some dark and dusty room.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you find it hard to access, share and collaborate on files with your co-workers, clients and partners?
  • Do you spend more time on email than doing actual work?
  • Do you print too much?
  • Do you waste time trying to find an empty meeting room?
  • Can you present wirelessly from a tablet in meetings?
  • What your client experience is like online & in-person, start to finish?
  • Are staff in the dark about what’s happening in the company?
  • Could the typical lighting budget be cut by 70%?
  • Are staff using unique and complex passwords for everything

To achieve solutions to these and other challenges we use our specialist services to deliver the appropriate technologies.


Activities we perform to deliver your outcomes

Our services ensure business value by focusing on the deliverables, user experience and metrics such as productivity and efficiency.

We help solve business issues by listening closely to our clients before we start looking at solutions. We then use a diverse range of technologies, services and tools across the entire project lifecycle so that your project doesn’t just stop at hardware and cabling but provides real value to your business and staff, even extending to your partners and customers.

For example, correctly performed, Tendering can often save tens of thousands in snagging, delayed projects and prevent disgruntled employees leading to poor uptake and adoption later on. By focusing on a provider’s proposed value rather than cost alone we can help clients avoid false economies from the outset.

Of course, we understand that our clients don’t always need assistance with everything and therefore we offer a bespoke approach to Services. Our Services can be tailored by business deliverable, technology, project phase, processes and sector, just let us know what your you need.

Strategy & Visioning

Strategy drives successful outcomes by understanding how your business, people and processes operate, ensuring the right technologies are specified, at the right time to the right teams

Systems Design

Detailed design and project planning including product and vendor research, feature specification, technology demos, requirements identification and detailed budgets.

Procurement and Tendering

One of the most essential phases is the tendering phase where careful identification, analysis and negotiation of contracts and costs with service providers.

Project Management

Management of the service providers, integrators and vendors as they deploy your solution, working on your behalf to ensure it is delivered to specification, time and budget.

Witness Testing & Auditing

After the implementation of your project, we perform witness testing to ensure complete compliance with your specified requirements.

Migration Management

When moving to new premises, management of the migration of your existing technical and physical estate to new premises can be challenging. We can help ensure it runs smoothly.

User Adoption & Change

The adoption of any new technology and process marks the beginning to new ways of working. To ensure success, you have to win end-user buy-in through positive adoption of those technologies and new working practices.


At PROTEUS, we span a broad range of technologies ensuring that you have one single, trusted adviser, one point of contact and the best opportunities for growth and improvement through deeper integration insight.

Cloud & SaaS

Cloud technologies are a huge driving force that is changing the way people do business, communicate, share, work and store their information. From optimising your workflows with the latest Cloud based apps to Single Sign-On and Unified Collaboration Platforms, you need an adviser to help you navigate.


Smartphones and tablets are such essential work tools now that they are begining to overtake the desktop but this ability to go anywhere with your corporate information is a blessing and a curse. This is where Mobility; the ability to work anywhere, anyhow, anytime is crucial to the success of your staff and business


There’s been so much development in desktop computing over the years and many still aren’t realising the financial and productivity gains that can be had in these areas. Just by adding a second screen, productivity can be improved by around 33% for instance.


With innovations in print workflows, scanning, security, flow-me-print and mobile & tablet computing, print has seen the ability to realise impressive savings in recent years.

Scheduling & Booking

Space booking and Scheduling Automation, can be used to reduce rent overheads and help with activity based working by improving room and desk utilisation, reducing wasted time searching for rooms and carefully controlling lighting and heating usage.

Audio Visual

AV has exploded across the corporate sector as well as residential and public sectors. With falling prices, faster networks and more intuitive devices, AV has moved from nice-to-have to a fundamental tool for businesses; from collaborating to maintaining branding, distributing information to in-house training and town-halls.


Often with the potential to save 20% on running costs right from the start with the correct system, Lighting control has the potential to be a great cost saving, optimising the ratio of natural and artificial lighting, along with Blind solutions and integrated with a host of other systems for one touch control of meeting rooms, offices etc.

Intelligent Buildings

This massive growth area covers the integration of all the other technologies to create single consistent systems that act as a whole providing power beyond the sum of it’s parts. Intelligent Buildings along with Internet of Things is bringing in new waves of intelligence and sensors able to capture, analyse and manage buildings in ever more efficient ways.


Covering technologies from CCTV, to door and gate access to integrating a building’s RFID card system and using facial recognition systems for marketing purposes.


From Structured Cabling to Headend Room Design, we can help you optimise your space and the fundamental infrastructure required to ensure nothing slows you down, taking into account heating requirements, rack security and 100 other factors.


From Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) to the latest Wi-Fi & Analytics, we can ensure you have the wired & wireless networks needed to support & protect your business. After all the network is the backbone of the modern enterprise